Free Software:

For a free anti-virus program try
AVG. It comes with lifetime updates.

For free spyware software try
Search and Destroy Spybot. (It even takes care of the
fake Anti-virus 2009 which is a current problem that is infecting computers

And for adware try
Adaware. It helps to get rid of those annoying pop-ups.

Want remote access? Try
Log Me In. It's free and secure. Follow the link below, go to
the website and under "Products" at the top of the page is "LogMeIn" Free. Just create
an account and add your computer.

How about a pretty good free CD / DVD burning program? Try
CDBurner XP. It works
on Vista also.

Other Fun Stuff:

Want to backup your movies? Try
Slysoft products.

How about building that music collection? Try an on-line recorder like
Replay Music  
for recording that great music that you are hearing.